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Bring on the BRIGADE!!!
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The 80s Brigade bring an incredible show filled with your favorite rock and dance hits from your favorite decadent decade. All performed with AMAZING musicianship and high energy that will pack the house and provide an unforgettable experience.

The band has performed all over Southern California and has earned a reputation for leaving everyone WANTING MORE! The sound, the lights, the songs, the musicianship all add up to a GREAT TIME for all! So come see what everyone is talking about and come join the legion of BRIGADE fans!!!!

November 8, 2021

Thank you to all who came out last night and supported our return! We've played O'Hara's many times, but it has never been as packed for us as it was last night. Between everyone singing along with us, dancing, and overall rad crowd...we couldn't have asked for more!! 2022 will be a fun year for us, so stay tuned for more gigs...

See ya soon!

John, Raoul, TJ, and Tim!

October 11, 2021

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!! The Brigade is set to kick off their return to the stage at our old friend Rex's place, O'Hara's in Lake Elsinore. It will be a night to remember for sure. The music starts at 9pm so make plans to join us in celebrating this long awaited event. A day that some thought might never come but it's finally happening. After years of hearing "Whatever happened to the 80s Brigade?", they are finally answering the call and bringing the sound you've been missing. So on Friday November, 5th, get ready SoCal. IT'S TIME.... NOW LET'S PARTY!!!

September 13, 2021

In the words of the Thin Lizzy classic, "THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!". After a LONG hiatus, the group has reconvened to bring their incredible brand of rock entertainment back to the stage. Please give a warm hello to the newest member of the Brigade, Tim (TJ) Palmatier. His drumming skills bring a new energy to the band and we can't wait for everyone to come watch him perform. The band is currently in intense rehearsals to prepare a new show for everyone that's filled with classics and some surprises. Make sure to check back here soon for more information. Spread the word. WE'RE BACK!!!


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