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The 80s Brigade bring an incredible show filled with your favorite rock and dance hits from your favorite decadent decade. All performed with AMAZING musicianship and high energy that will pack the house and provide an unforgettable experience.

The band performs all over Southern California and the word is out on this remarkable group that leaves everyone WANTING MORE! The sound, the lights, the songs, the musicianship all add up to a GREAT TIME for all! So come see what everyone is talking about and come join the BRIGADE!!!!

August 28, 2018
Thanks to all that hung with us at Lake Alice and Temecula Wine and Beer this past weekend! We had a blast at both spots, and we especially appreciate the love shown to our new guitarist Raoul Ranoa! We are very fortunate to have him playing with us, and he killed every song! It was great to play the Garden again after so long, and we hope to be back soon. Much love!!

This Friday we will be in Moreno Valley at Tilted Kilt. Everyone come out and get ready for some crazy fun! Until then, here is some video taken by friends and family last weekend.

July 23, 2018
80s Brigade are tremendously proud to announce the newest member of the band, RAOUL RANOA!!! Raoul is a long time friend of the band and an exceptionally talented guitarist. The guys have begun rehearsing and it is already SOUNDING INCREDIBLE! We are very excited for everyone to come and see the band next month as Raoul makes his official debut as a member of 80s Brigade at Lake Alice in Riverside. More dates are being added to the 2018 schedule, including some dates at the Shoppes in Chino Hills. This is a great opportunity for 80s rock fans of all ages to come and have fun in a cool outdoor setting. Dates to be confirmed and posted very soon. So until next month, here's a little taste of Mr. Ranoa at our recent rehearsal. We'll see everyone very soon!!!


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